Curriculum Vitae of Jesper Molbech Taxbøl

I usually sum up my professional properties in the following form:
  • Professional game developer experience
  • Solid engineering background
  • Passionate about tech and entertainment
  • A driving force towards delivery
  • An eye to detail and sense of urgency
  • Persistent teamplayer
  • Creative troubleshooter
  • Strong communication skills
  • Proven trackrecord
General details
Name:Jesper Molbech Taxbøl
Phone:+45 61627501
Born:December 5. 1978
Languages:Danish (native)
English (fluent)
Employment history
Company nameRolePeriod
Veo Technologies ApsCTO & PartnerJan 2016 - present
Hupsi ApsGeneral Manager & PartnerJan 2013 - present
Apparatus Aps / KanakoIndependent developer & contractorJan 2013 - present
Transmit ved Jesper Molbech TaxbølIndependent developer & contractorJune 2008 - Dec 2012
Zero Point DevelopmentCreative programmer, Working on Interstellar MarinesSep 2009 - June 2010
Zero Point SoftwareGame programmer, Working on Interstellar MarinesJan 2007 - May 2009
NDS DenmarkAssociate Software DeveloperNov 2004 - Dec 2006
Technical University of DenmarkM.Sc. Computer Science (+2)2002 - 2004
Technical University of DenmarkB.Sc Electronics & Computer Science1998 - 2002
Frederiksberg Technical SchoolHTX - the technical college program1995 - 1997
Teaching experience
KaospilotExternal censorSpring 2014
DADIUIntroducing students to the the Unity toolset of game development.Autumn 2013
DADIUIntroducing students to the the Unity toolset of game development.Spring 2013
AAUAdvanced game programming (5 day workshop)spring 2011
DADIUExternal lecturer, doing crashcourse in UnityAutumn 2011, Autumn 2012
Technical skills
Programming languagesC,C++,C#,CUDA,Python,Java,Javascript,SQL,Shader languages (CG,HLSL,GLSL),Brainfuck
Operating SystemsWindows,Linux (Ubuntu/Arch),OSX,Embedded microprocessors,Android
FrameworksTensorflow,Tensorboard,OpenCV,libav/ffmpeg,WebGL / ThreeJS,OpenTV,Unity,Unrealengine,Xamarin,Python/Apache/Django,NodeJS/Jade,Appengine,PyGame,JQuery,Cloud Computing (Amazon AWS)
MethodologiesAgile,Extreme programming,GameJam / Hackathon,Keep It Simple Stupid,Classical Waterfall
Payment FrameworksPaypal,DIPS
System AdministrationGentoo,Ubuntu,OSX,Windows
Special Skills3D Mathematics,3D Physics,Machine Learning,Image Analysis,Shader programming,Physics Simulation,Game Programming,Interactive Engineering,Electrical Simulation,General Programming on GPU,Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks,Security analysis and penetration testing
Trusted positions
CTO2016 - present
Apparatus ApsFounder & Managing Director2013 - present
Hupsi ApsManaging director2013 - present
Exile Game JamCo-Founder2011 - present
Ejerforeningen AlfredChairman2005 - 2015 / Association of Game Developers in DanmarkChairmanMay 2011 - May 2015 / Association of Game Developers in DanmarkMember2007 - present
Softography, projects and other interests
generallyassembled.comAn online democratic platform to host your general assembly onlinewebsite
An embedded power monitorAn embedded power monitor based Arduino and ethernet.
Interstellar Marines: Running ManDuring work for Zero Point Developmentvideo
Interstellar Marines: BullseyeDuring work for Zero Point Developmentvideo
Interstellar Marines: VaultDuring work for Zero Point Softwarevideo
Interstellar Marines: Website (Django/MySQL)During work for Zero Point Softwaresite
SharCryNordic Game Jam entryvideo
Interstellar Marines: X13publisher demovideo
Snake in 100 lines of PythonDeveloped for the OLPC (one laptop per child)link
A groupforming methodDeveloped for Nordic Game Jamlink
Realtime explosions based on fluid dynamicsM. Sc. Thesislink
Simulator of blodgass flow in ABL700B. Sc. Thesislink
Electricity simulation in Unity3DModelling connected circuits in an environment.linklink
Torpedo WarExile 2011 submissionlink
Games Meet Film - Do You Read Me?Amsterdam 2011video
CrunchTaskCollaborative tasklistlink
Physically driven animation experimentSpider animates, thus making physics move forward.gamevideosource (unity 3.4.2)
Boat simulation gameDeveloped for Ludum Dare: Alonegamevideo
SmørrebrødNordic Game Jam Experiment, control with buttons 1-7gamevideo
PowerwalkA 3.5 hour prototype of an Android Gamevideo
CurvatureA shader based donut world experimentdemo
Distortion visualsShader based fractalsdemo
Programming Game DemoIronpython inside Unity3Dvideodemo
Physics in waterSimple water dynamics on a seasnakedemo
IslandVisuals for theaterdemo
HerlevExile Autumn 2012 by Jesper Taxboel, Lasse Fuglsang, Eske Noerholm & Thomas Ryder.videodemo (PC)
Mecanim demoMixed characters walking using Mecanimvideodemosource
ApparatusA Brainfuck game with musicdemo
Sunlight ShaderWorldmap shader computing sunlightdemo
2 Hour plane gameMade on the way to Skopjedemo
Portal exampleEducational modeldemo
Rubiks CubeDemo projectdemo
Chain Jam EntrySmall 4 button gamedemopolishedsource
BonedebugFree on the assetstorelink
Inverse Kinematic for Smooth MovesSold through assetstorelink
Turret system with AISold through assetstorelink
GUI DebugDisplay debug on wild devices, Sold through assetstorelink
GPU ParticlesGalaxy like orbitslink
Raske TankerNordic Game Jam 2014 entry. A survailance room simulator with controllable cameras.linkvideo
JoinMyTableEntry for Digital Hackathon Sardinia 2014linkapk
The Lars Andersen SimulatorEntry for Global Game Jam 2015videoapksource
Using stereo video for VR in UnityUnite 2015 Talkvideoslides
Foresightvr.comA stereoscopic film system for VRwebsite
ContainerBlockchain technology for shippingdemoslides
Interactive SegmentationAn interactive application allowing you to train a neural network against webcam input into foreground and background.articlesourcevideo
Tensorflow OpWriting a new Tensorflow operation (including C++, CUDA, forward, gradient and grad check)article